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One advantage of screen printing is the ease of customizing your product. Using a printing press makes multiple printing easier and quicker. The printing press holds the screen in place while you print. Then, you can easily repeat the process and even add a second or third color. A third advantage of screen-printing is the price. The cost of the product depends on the number of colors you want to print. However, the cost of screen-printing is much cheaper than other methods.

Another benefit of screen-printing is that it can be used for many different materials. It allows you to produce a promotional banner, t-shirt, or poster from the same screen. Because it uses a mesh fabric, it is a great choice for fabrics that do not respond well to other printing methods. A reputable screen printing company, such as ATS, can provide the equipment and supplies you need for your job.

Another advantage of screen-printing is that you can use the same stencil for various materials. In addition, you can even print on dark colors using the same screen. When you print on a dark textile, for example, you will get a white print with no bleed, which is a huge advantage for brands. And because the screen-printing allows you to use special decoration techniques, you’ll be able to use gold, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, and reprint to your liking.

Screen-printing can also be cost-effective, as it can be done in bulk. If you have a high-volume of items to produce, screen-printing can be a great option. In addition to being a great value for your money, it can also produce excellent-quality results and is extremely flexible. The ink used by Boulevard Graphics is made to last, making it one of the most durable printing processes.

Another major advantage of screen-printing is its versatility. With a wide range of substrates, you can print almost anything. You can use it on any type of material. A screen-printed t-shirt is a walking billboard that will show your business to everyone in line. It will even show people your logo if they’re in line in a store. You can even make your own custom-printed t-shirts with the help of a printing machine.

The main advantage of screen-printing is that it is a versatile printing process. It can be used on a variety of substrates. It is most commonly used for posters, signage, decals, and textiles. In this way, it is easy to customize your products and saves you money. The benefits of screen-printed t-shirts are many. If you’re looking to make promotional items, screen-printed t-shirts are a great option for many purposes.

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