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In order to make your printed promotional products stand out from the rest, you need to use the right image file format. For example, if you want to print a logo or a graphic on a product, you should use TIF or EPS format. TIF stands for Encapsulated PostScript, and this format preserves image quality and color. JPG and GIF, on the other hand, are compressed image files, which result in different colors and blurry images when printed.

You can find over 100,000 promotional products in the market today and matching them to your variable needs can be quite challenging. However, at PLC Print, we have the expertise, creativity, and tools necessary to make the right match for you. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we will be able to match your promotional products with your business goals and objectives to drive more sales and brand awareness. There are no limits to the possibilities. If you are in need of promotional products, contact us today to get started.

In the world of marketing, a strong brand presence is the key to business growth. Printing the logo on products is an effective way to establish credibility, convey quality, and build customer loyalty. Quality products will also help you turn your customers into brand ambassadors. And since 82% of consumers prefer to buy products from brands they know, branded products are the most effective way to create awareness among your clients. Aside from enhancing brand recognition, promotional items also help build a stronger bond with employees.

Meridian is a distributor of both promotional products and print products. During the last decade, it has expanded its distribution system by acquiring several print and promo companies. HDS Marketing was formed in 1992 and quickly added apparel decoration capabilities. In addition to its print capabilities, Meridian has also added e-commerce to its list of services. For example, 80% to 90% of Meridian’s stores are powered by a mix of promo products and print.

Today, companies can choose from several different material types for their printed promotional products. These include apparel fabric, plastics, and paper. These products can help you reach your marketing goals and increase sales revenue. But it is important to remember that the type of promotional product you choose may limit the space you have for your marketing message. This is a critical step in maximizing your return on investment. There are several ways to increase your marketing budget. So get started today.

You can get a custom quote for printed promotional products by filling out an online form. There are several printing methods available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want multi-color logo designs, you should choose a digital full color printing. Similarly, if you want a unique design, embossing or debossing is an option. These printing methods to create raised or indented logo designs. For more details visit a printing services company near you.

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