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For people suffering from depression, there is hope that a combination of medication and mental health therapy can provide significant improvements in the condition. Tampa Counseling Services in Florida can assist people struggling with anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, and other difficulties related to depression, anxiety and/or other mental disorders. We recognize that no one wants to suffer alone; in fact, approximately 24% of Americans have some type of mental health issue. However, it is nearly impossible to find support within our communities. Family, friends and organizations seem so distant, few of us really know how to reach out to help someone else. If you or someone you love needs help, contact Tampa Counseling Services for the help you and your family can get on the road to recovery.


There are many reasons why individuals struggle with depression, anxiety and/or other mental disorders. Although the causes vary greatly from one person to the next, they usually center around traumatic experiences. It could be as major as being in the car accident or as minor as surviving a divorce. Regardless of the cause, the symptoms of the problem are usually the same: feeling blue, unstable, angry, sad, depressed, unmotivated and so on.


Depression is a serious illness that, left untreated, can have catastrophic and life altering consequences. Because depression is a mental illness, those who suffer from it must seek professional assistance to effectively manage their symptoms. Many adults who experience working under these circumstances may have to adjust to a very different lifestyle. The job they always loved and had fun doing becomes difficult or even impossible. They may also need to leave home and/or live in an assisted living facility due to the effects of trauma. In some cases, adults may have to cope with the symptoms of anxiety while they work.


Counseling individuals with depression and/or ADHD can be extremely helpful. Those who are in this situation already recognize the difficulty that their symptoms can create in their lives. They may also have experienced some of the following:


An individual can receive treatment for his or her depression or addiction through a variety of options. Counseling is often a first step. Counselors are available to provide individual and couple specific counseling; family counseling; couples therapy; and group therapy. Some counselors work only with individuals; others work with couples, families and/or the whole family. If an individual is referred to a psychologist who specializes in treating individuals, he or she may be referred to a counseling psychologist as well.


Life transitions and the adjustments made during them play a large role in the experiences and behaviors that people who suffer from depression or anxiety have in their daily lives. Counseling can help these individuals and their loved ones. A variety of techniques are used in the process of treatment. Some therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy, some use relaxation techniques and still others rely exclusively on talk therapy. What ever technique(s) are used in counseling for individuals with depression and/or anxiety, life transitions are always a key component.

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