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When constructing a wood fence, it is important to follow proper construction techniques. The boards should be cut uniformly and should be the same length as the top and bottom rails. They should also be nailed to each other with a single board width spacing. You can use a spacer board as needed to keep the rails even. Use 8d galvanized nails. Don’t forget to use a level while building the fence.

Different species of wood are suitable for use as fencing. Western Red Cedar, for example, is a popular choice. It has distinctive grain patterns and is dense and heavy. It also weathers to a silver-gray patina. Pressure-treated wood can be stained or painted. If you choose to paint the wood, choose a semi-transparent stain. Regular maintenance can help reduce the risk of decay and insect infestation. The wood in this type is susceptible to fungi and termites, and can even chip, so you need to be aware of this before buying it.

After you have selected your fence materials, it’s time to install the posts. Use a shovel to mark out the approximate fence line. Dig a hole eighteen to twenty-four inches deep and add three inches of gravel to the bottom. Then, use a leveling tool to place the post and brace it with stakes. Once the posts are in place, you can then paint them if desired. There are several ways to install a wood fence.

The best wood for fencing will depend on the climate in your area. Cedar, pressure-treated wood, and redwood have long-term durability. In addition to these factors, the type of wood you choose is also determined by your budget. Cedar is a popular choice because it is relatively inexpensive and durable. Pine, on the other hand, is soft and resists shrinking. A fence made of pressure-treated wood is not recommended in regions with severe weather.

The choice of wood for your fence will also depend on your budget. If your budget is tight, you may not want the most durable wood, but this will save you money in the long run. However, if you plan to stay in your house for a long time, you can spend a little more money on a fence. Then, consider staining the wood to keep it looking beautiful. While wood may not be the most durable choice, staining can help preserve its natural beauty. To learn more about wood fence visit Toronto fence company at

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