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The first step in creating your custom cabinet is measuring the space you want to store everything. The size of a standard reach-in closet can be much easier to determine than the space of a walk-in closet. Some companies will do the measurements for you, while others will do it for you if you have the time and money to spend. Materials for your new closet can range from wire and melamine to custom millwork and a mishmash of both. Once you’ve determined the layout and design, you’ll need to decide on the type of materials and what kind of design will work best for you.

Custom closets should incorporate the appropriate storage systems. For example, a double-hang rod is recommended for a large room with high ceilings. Place the top rod 84 inches above the floor while placing the bottom rod 42 inches above it. If you have shorter ceilings, you may want to consider a shortened shelf of 85 1/2 inches. Remember to place your clothes about 12 inches apart vertically. It will save you space and help you stay organized!

Once you’ve determined the right height for your closet, you should think about the depth. Your closet should be structurally sound. Typically, the depth of custom closets is 12″ to 16″. They can be as tall as 84-96″ in height. Once you’ve chosen the height, the design is up to you. Then, you can move on to choosing the materials. For maximum efficiency and maximum storage, you should have a customized design made of high-quality materials.

Lighting is important in a closet, too. Natural light is ideal, but windows are expensive and can eat up valuable storage space. Instead, use artificial light that will separate you from your items. You don’t want your clothes to fade and look dingy. Using incandescent bulbs can also create a dangerous hazard in a small closet. A custom closet can be the perfect solution for your closet.

Having custom closets can be a great way to optimize floor space and maximize storage capacity. For reach-in closets, a custom shelving system is especially useful. Its multi-tiered shoe rack can be customized to store various types of footwear. A custom shelving system can also include bins and lidded containers that provide additional flexibility for organizing small items. You can also add partitions to the bins to keep small items separate.

Your custom closet should allow visibility of all your items. Seeing all your clothes will give you real choices when dressing. You should also consider adding accessories like see-through wire bins, dividers in drawers, and belt and tie racks. Make sure that your shelves and drawers are adjustable and have enough room to move around. If you need to rearrange your wardrobe, you can also hire a professional kitchen remodeling company in Los Angeles.

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